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Mr. & Mrs. Samuel V.

Louisville, OH 44641  

I am writing this letter to inform you that my husband and I recently pruchased two of your towel traps.  In February we both went on our first Cruise to the Western Caribbean.  I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the Towel Traps worked! On our way coming home from our last port in Progresso, we had an extremely windy day.  We were lying out on the top deck of the baot and everyone's towels were blowing everywhere.  Some people weren't even using towels at all, it was so bad!  I thought it was kind of funny because our towels didn't move.  We had a lot of people coming up to us to ask where we had purchased our Towel Traps.  They thought we purchased them on the ship.  I wrote this letter to inform you that the Towel Trap was one of the best investments we have purchased. We also loved that it has a very comfortable pillow on it.  We will be booking another cruise for next year in February, so I thought if you could send me some business cards I could give them to the people who ask where we purchased our Towel Traps from.  Also, if you ever need any references you can give our name and phone number.


Anita V.

Hello Towel Trap folks!

Just a quick note to tell you I purchased some towel traps for a family cruise!  OMG Thank you thank you thank you!!!  They don't sell anything like this on the ships.  I can't understand why.  But I do know that I didn't have to pay for a lost towel this time and nor did my kids!!!   Love, love love it and will be recommending this to our other cruise buddies.  It's the best thing for the windy ships and so comfy.  Just wanted to let you know you should get these towel traps on cruise ships.  

Linda S.

New York,, New York

Hola from the windy island of Aruba!

I just purchased some towel traps here locally at the Juggling Fish.  They are beyond awesome and are a perfect fit for Aruba. It was much windier there then I ever imaginined.What a cool idea and it saved me from chasing my towel everywhere; which I was doing before my Towel Trap purchase.!!  Thank you for a great product!  It definitly assisted me with my RELAXATION AND CHILLING IN THE ARUBA NATION!

Sunny Dreams,

Kara  R.

Aruba for Life!







Dear Sir or Madam:

I just wanted to write to you to let you know that I bought a couple of Towel Traps at Davie's Drugs in Siesta Key, Florida. They worked so great on my beach chair!!!  I never lost my towel and the pillow was so comfortable that I just can't say enought great things about it!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what a great product this is and I am goinig to take them on a cruise next month.  Last cruise I took I found out that there is nothing like this on the ships.  I know a lot of people use potatoe chip bag clips to keep their towels from blowing in the ocean and now that I have discovered the Towel Trap I am ecstatic!!!  

Please email some information to me or feel free to call me at the below mentioned telephone number and I will pass the word along on the Caribbean cruise I am taking.  

Keep up the good work and I love your tropical patterns - they are so fun!!

Victoria V.

Sarasota, Florida

Dear Towel Trap:

I recently took my family on a vacation to the beaches in Florida, as I do every year.  Sometime during our vacation we always visit Ron John Surf Shop.  It's a favorite for the kids. During this visit I picked up one of your Towel Traps.  And I have to say you've created a great product!! After my wife saw how well it worked, I had to go back to Ron Jon again to buy ME another one.  Hahahaha. This made our beach stay much more enjoyable.  For the first time I wasn't constantly rearranged the towel on my chair, or trying to remember where I stored my ID and credit cards.  Not to mention the pillow made it easy for me to catch a few ZZzzzzzzzz's...

I just want to say thank you for offereing such a useful product.  Today so many people are producing, well; basically "junk" that doesn't work "as advertised". And I'll testify that the Towel Trap stands out as a product well worth the cost.  


Alan A.

Woodbridge, VA 22191

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