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Towel Trap, Inc. was the inspiration of Dr. John Kicos, a chiropractor from Cornelius, NC. and his wife Tami.  While at the beach they saw sunbathers having annoying problems with their towels.  They were constantly trying to keep the towels from falling down behind their backs. Their towels would blow off their beach chairs into the sand.  An additional problem arose when they wanted a pillow for their sun bathing.  They ended up using their towel or someone else's to prop up their heads.  Home from the beach, Dr. Kicos set out to invent something that would solve the problems of sun worshippers and pool side readers every where.  What could possibly help with the wind at the beach, pool or on a cruise?  And what about those wallets, keys and cash that could become misplaced under the sand?  He found a solution to all of those problems too!  What to  call it?  The Towel Trap! Simple, elegant, comfy and fun!  The original bed for your head!

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