Happy Hour

Happy Hour

SKU: HappyHour

HAPPY HOUR!  A great addition to anyone's day.  This Towel Trap has metallic silvers in the multi colored cocktails!  The pictures do not do this pattern justice.  It's fun, it's happy and if you don't drink then call them mocktails ... but this is just a happy fun Towel Trap! We Love It!  100% Cotton - Machine wash gentle cold/warm if you have an agitator in your machine; if not it can handle a regular cycle.  NO BLEACH! Tumble dry on low or on the counter to air dry while your enjoy your Happy Hour - whatever that looks like - as long as it is FUN!

Towel Trap, Inc.  Since 1998

Created by Towel Trap Tami

USA ~ North Carolina

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All Towel Traps are proudly being

made in America!

(except for Palm Trees & Red Hawaii)